Dog Training Services

In Home Training

A lot of the problems people have with their dogs are overcome when I can analyse the relationship between the dog and the owner and how they live together. Most of their interactions happen in the home environment. This is where I first like to tackle the majority of behaviour problems.

Puppy Pre-School

For me this is undoubtedly the most important step for you and your puppy to begin your lives together.

Courses normally run an hour a week for four weeks.

Group Training Sessions

This is where I help you to train your dog in basic obedience behaviours. The point of this is so that we can develop a language where we can verbally and by body language relay to the dog what we would like it to do.

One on One Training

If you don’t want to come to group classes or want me to assist you individually with obedience training this can be arranged also. The advantage of this is that you have my undivided attention and my dogs can be used for distraction purposes.

Livestock Aversion

When we live in New Zealand we are never too far from farm livestock. Chasing or worse still, killing livestock cannot be tolerated. Many dogs lose their life because of this. Dogs are predators, but they must be taught that chasing stock is unacceptable.