I cannot find enough words or appreciation to thank Alastair for what he did for us.  Riley, a 7 – 8 month old border collie came into our home a few months back and after his first day at home I realised something wasn’t right.  Riley was deaf.  He had had no training and I was at a loss on how to go about training this boy, and with working full time, the time needed to do this as well.  My vet recommended I contact Alastair.  I spoke to Alastair over the phone and explained the situation to him and he came around the next day to meet Riley.  After meeting Riley and seeing the situation I was in, Alastair very kindly offered to foster Riley and train him.  Alastair kept in touch the whole time with Riley’s progress.  And what progress he made.  I now have Riley back home, and he is a delightful wee boy who now for the first time in his life can understand his human family.  He has a number of hand signals under his belt, he has been trained with a vibrating collar, so he can be off the lead in most areas and he has learnt how to fetch a ball and catch a Frisbee, as before Alastair he didn’t know how to play.  Riley has had a whole new world opened up for him and I have a very well trained addition to our family and all thanks to Alastair.  I would recommend Alastair without any hesitation to anybody who needs help with their dog, no matter what the situation. He has an affinity with dogs that is a wonder to see, and I always found him so helpful and kind. Thank you so much Alastair.

Rochelle Russell


Dear Alistair,
I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart ‘Thank You”. As You know leaving Shilo at home on her own was a very big issue, and since your visit we have been able to leave her home with no problems at all, she is calm and content and when we arrive home she is relaxed and asleep!! In her own was a very big issue, and since your visit we have been able to leave her home with no problems at all, she is calm and content and when we arrive home she is relaxed and asleep!! I would never have believed that this could ever happen and thanks to your visit and advice it is possible. I have a very happy family once again … We even went out for dinner last night for the first time in nearly a year! on our return we found Shilo on her back with her feet in the air asleep. You have given us back our freedom and that means the world to us.

As for getting on the furniture that has happened only 5 times since your visit so that is awesome. I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring you to anybody, your advice and help is fantastic …. Thank you once again.
Kind regards

Vicki Woodham


My first contact with Alastair was when I rang him to ask his opinion about whether we could ‘teach an old dog new tricks’! We had the opportunity to welcome a 5 year old male German Shepherd into our family and although we thought we could see the makings of a fantastic dog, JJ did have a slightly chequered history. From that first phone call and subsequent meeting, we have never looked back. JJ has now been with us for 6 months and we have trained one on one with Alastair as well as attending obedience/socialisation classes he has run. We have achieved results for JJ that I didn’t think were possible. From a dog that couldn’t walk on a lead without tugging and lunging (which Alastair fixed on our first lesson!) to having him walking beside me and playing with other dogs without a lead is fantastic. Alastair has an immense amount of knowledge and has the ability to relate to any dog or situation. He has an affinity with dogs that is a wonder to watch. I strongly recommend Alastair to anyone who requires help with their canine friend, there is nothing to lose but an awful lot to gain. You won’t be disappointed.

Kylie Leicester


In September this year our dog Zoe (an 18 month old Boxer) was a dog that bolted whenever the front door of the house was left open, when she did this she had no recall and would just run madly up and down the road, which was extremely stressful as it was only a matter of time before she was hit by a car.

She was also a nightmare to walk, pulling on the lead and walking backwards and forwards across the footpath.

This is when we called Alastair, who assured us Zoe could be cured, we have now had three sessions with Alastair and Zoe is a changed dog. She is a pleasure to walk, and we can now leave doors open and don’t panic about her getting out, she will come when called and all in all is a much more pleasant dog to have around.

We are very grateful to Alastair for setting us on the right path to having a dog that is under control.

Mark & Michelle


I have had Alastair working with me at home one to one with our dog Asha, and within a very short time we have seen major improvements. Alastair’s methods of working)training with the dogs are without force, anger or inducing pain in any way. I have since done with Alastair a dog training course done over 5 weeks and have learnt a lot more. This was also a great benefit as I got to practice with other dogs around. It was also great for the dogs to socialise together. I have learnt through Alastair that dog training is a daily part of the dogs life, but Alastair has taught me to do that in a loving way. I have always found Alastair to be kind, helpful and very approachable and would highly recommend him to anyone having dog problems, or anyone wanting help or advise for their dog.

Thank you so much Alastair, your work with Asha has been invaluable.
All the best.

Kind regards, Joanne Anderson.


Dear Alastair
Thank you so much for bringing about such a dramatic change in Floyd’s behaviour and demeanour, and such a positive difference to how he and I interact. I am thrilled with the results and really couldn’t previously imagine walking with him to heel, but now I actually do!

I will be recommending you and your gentle methods highly to my friends with dogs. The peace of mind from knowing you are doing it right is priceless.

I now have the happy, contented pooch I’d always wanted and I can’t thank you enough.

Wishing you every success (you can’t fail) in your future.

Kind regards, Nicola Simpson