Group Dog Training Sessions

This is where I help you to train your dog in basic obedience behaviours. The point of this is to develop a language where we can verbally and by body language relay to the dog what we would like it to do.

Dogs that master a wide range of skills become a lot easier for us as humans to manage.

The basic obedience behaviours I will teach are; sit, lie down, come when called, walk on a loose lead, wait, stay, lie on a mat and tie ups. Often when talking to people on the phone they say, “my dog can do all this anyway”, but when questioned further, they often admit the dog is very distracted when in the presence of other dogs, a classic saying I regularly hear is, “my dogs ears are painted on”. Again, I do not have one approach to training as it is very dependant on the person’s capabilities and beliefs, coupled with their type of dog.

These classes run for an hour a week for eight weeks. The key thing to understand is I am training you to train your dog. Not training your dog for you! So practise makes perfect.

See here for current session times