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Nanook joins our family

Nanook at river

Out of the blue back in September I had a call from the local Animal Control Officer to say that they had a young Husky in the pound and was I interested in adopting him? I have never owned a Husky before but have helped a few clients with them. Anyway the rest is history I met him and bought him home after a shaky start with some of our other animals he has now settled in and learnt my set of rules. He is turning out to be an awesome dog with a lovely nature around people and other dogs. I think he is here to stay.



Henry Joins Our Family

At the begining of June we adopted young Henry from the Napier SPCA. Henry is an English Bull Terrier mix at the time he was about 4 months old. He was in the SPCA with his 3 brothers who had all been dumped in Napier. He is so distinguishable by his white body and black ears. After 6 months of training and socialisation Henry has now been rehomed to a lovely family.


Riley Joins Us

Quite a few foster dogs have come and gone. Currently we are fostering Riley a young Border Collie who is deaf. I have a place in my heart for Borders and Riley is typical of the breed. His previous owner hadnt realised he was deaf and had become frustrated with him. I am really enjoying the challenge of working with him. After some intensive training Riley was returned to his owner. See what she had to say on my testimonials page.

Hunter Joins us for Re-homing.

Hunter joins us for rehoming. Hunter is a young male weimaraner who in his short life has had three homes. He is quite a handful, but is doing well with plenty of exercise and some training. Dogs always let you know what they have been allowed to get away with in their previous homes!! At first nothing was safe and being long legged helps when you want to try the goodies on the kitchen bench!

Trigger & Bentley

I have just sucessfully re-homed Trigger a re-homed Lab. After five weeks of intense training she has gone to Stu in Rotorua as a duck dog. What an awesome dog she will turn out to be!
Bentley has joined the “pack” as soon as Trigger left. He is a very cool young Cocker Spaniel who with some more training will also make an awesome pet. He will be ready for re-homing soon. Update : Bentley has been rehomed to a great family home.