Alastair’s Dogs

Alastair currently has three dogs


Milly the dogmans pack leader

Milly is the senior member of our dog family. She has competed successfully in both obedience and agility competitions. She assists Alastair on a regular basis in his business by providing a distraction for other dogs, also helping with aggressive dogs and gives demonstrations on how it is done. She is one out of the bag. She is now retired at the age of 11. She has been and still is a wonderful dog.


Nanook at river

Nanook is the latest member of our dog family he arrived in September of 2013 from the local council pound. At first he came to be fostered but it looks like he is here to stay. He is a stunning dog with a beautiful temperament to match. He has started bikejoring and is also learning to track. He gives you a wonderful welcome each morning.



Ruby is our beautiful Golden Retriever. She is a lovely young dog who just lives to swim and retrieve, but after all thats what they were bred for. She is pictured here enjoying Porongahau Beach.

Tui the Flat Coated Retriever

Tui the Flat Coated Retriever

Tui was a Flat Coated Retriever who quite simply loved to swim and retrieve. Tragically passed away Easter 2010.