About Dog Trainer Alastair Needes

My Early Years

I was born in the Uk in the county of Shropshire

I have always had a interest for most things four legged. I was allowed my first dog at the age of 14. Prince was a black and white Springer Spaniel, whom I purchased from the local game keeper.

My youth was spent doing countryside pursuits, mainly rabbiting with ferrets, terriers and lurchers. I also went beating on local, organised shoots.


Farming Career

On leaving school I embarked on a dairy farming career. I then went on to study at Walford Agricultural College for three years, where I gained an OND in Agriculture. My dairy farming career lasted 17 years finishing in New Zealand.

My hobby had now moved towards competing with my dogs in obedience competitions and a display team. At this stage, a Rottie, GSD and a Border Collie were added to the mix. Wherever I moved with my job I always joined the local dog training club. In 1994 I took the first plane ride of my life to emigrate to New Zealand with my partner and son.

The early stages were spent consolidating my career, but it wasn’t long before the dogs crept back into my life.

Dog Training & Competing

I started to compete in agility with my Lab Milly and Flat Coated Retriever Tui.

Milly has been a ‘once in a lifetime’ dog, who never came away without a ribbon when competing, always giving her all. She has spent the last seven years assisting me in my dog training business and she has recently retired.

My dog training business started in 2005 initially as part of a franchise organisation. After two years I decided to branch out on my own as ‘The Dogman’. This name came about from clients telling me they put me as the Dogman in their contacts on their phone.

Comprehensive Experience with Many Types of Dogs

I have had vast experience with many types of dogs, from gundogs, farm dogs, show dogs, competition dogs and your good old family companion.

I am recommended by vets, SPCA, councils, pet shops and other happy clients.

I would love to help you with your dog.